Vet ni!?
Here is my blog! Mainly about DIY electronics stuff...
2010-03-07  Going to russia for two gigs in Sankt Petersburg on the 9th and 10th of april.
2009-07-02  Yay! Finally a new site. Still very underconstruction:ish, well you know how it is...
2009-07-01  Hey, a nice review of Chip Hero in Phlow Magazine, check it out.
2009-03-07  Finally! My EP Chip Hero is out now on 8bitpeoples. Grab it today!
2007-11-26  I'm included on another compilation; "Chip music is dead" on Gainlad. Along with Bud Melvin, Gijs Gieskes and other nice people. Grab it here!
2007-11-22  I have a song included on the net-compilation "Level Up" from DWD records. Also on the release is Goto80, Eat Rabbit, Stu and a bunch of other nice dudes, so make sure you grab it!
2007-09-09  Finally got some recording done! Added a new song: Corrosion and a live live video with clips from varios occasions: Superpop.